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Major Redesign!

We’ve upgraded our not-so-worthy website and made it slightly worthier!  It’s now faster, sleaker, and more Web 2.0-er (or is it 3.0 now? Clearly, we needed the update).


We’re also proud to announce our upcoming KickStarter for…

Carbs Amidst Humility, a nice toasty unofficial expansion to everyone’s favorite party game for horrible people.  At the outset, we’ll be offering 3 big baguette sized expansions (115 cards each!) as well as at least one smaller (70 card) toast-point sized expansion.  Depending on how the kickstarter goes, we’ll be offering even more than all of that! Either way, we have a fourth expansion already in progress that will be releasing one way or another regardless of the outcome of the kickstarter.

In preparation for this, we have launched a shop page! For now, everything is out of stock, but as the kickstarter goes and is (hopefully) funded, it will be filled in and stocked up!


In less proud news, we have (temporarily) put a hold on our mobile game properties. They are no longer available in the app store.  After some time and changes, some of them will be re-released (well, made available again) and anyone who purchased them will be able to redownload at no charge.